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Perseverance Rectitude Innovation

Rising Precision Technology Co., LTD. (Rising-Tech) has a professional and well-experienced team to provide the best products to customers all over the world. From the initial product design to the after-sales service, Rising-Tech insists on its three core values: Rectitude, Perseverance, Innovation and also keeps on developing the cutting-edge technology or skills in order to solve the problems in life.

Rising-Tech has three major product lines: Professional Industrial Video Scope, Professional Medical Video Endoscope, and Refractometers. Especially, the product lines in endoscope or borescope have already applied over 13 different industries and also earned recognition from well-known automotive firms, aerospace industry, military service, police force, fire department, power plants, etc. Rising-Tech has obtained diverse patents worldwide; moreover, from 2005, it has been starting the research and development cooperation with NCSIST (National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology) to generate the “4-Channel Integrated Driving Assistance Apparatus” and has been acquired exclusive patents in USA, Germany, China, and Taiwan.

  • Professional Industrial Video Scope
    Professional Industrial Video Scope:

    The main application is for the hard to reach areas of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), including general industrial inspection, automatic optical inspection, auto testing, metalworking parts testing, surface checking, engine work checking, under vehicles checking, down drains checking, ceiling and pipeline checking, etc.

  • Professional Medical Video Endoscope
    Professional Medical Video Endoscope:

    Such as Retinoscopy, Otoscope, Handheld Slit Lamp, ENT Endoscope with Thermometer, Video Laryngoscope, etc.

  • Refractometers

    Including Brix Tester, Industrial Fluid Tester, Salinity Tester, Clinical Protein Tester, Alcohol Tester, Antifreeze Fluid Tester, Battery Fluid Tester, Cleaning Fluid Tester, Digital Refractometer, ABBE Refractometer, and Jumbo Handheld Refractometer, etc.

  • Besides the product lines mentioned above, Rising-Tech takes customers into the top priority consideration, so it will continue seeking and delivering other consumer electronics in order to meet what customers need and fulfill customers’ desire.

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
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